MECC Maastricht

Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel: +31 43 383 8383
GPS 50° 1' 56.95" N 15° 46' 52.1" E


Conference Floorplan

-1st Floor

Ground Floor

1st Floor


The Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre is the ideal meeting place at the heart of Europe. With a history stretching back some 2000 years, the Romans, Spaniards, French and Germans have all left their mark in Maastricht. The result is a cultural melting pot with its own uniquely exuberant personality - a place where everyone will feel at home. You can leterally feel the city's rich history all around you, in its magnificent buildings, beautiful squares and ancient churches.

Today's Maastricht is a city of culture, learning and business. And one of the two leading conference and exhibition centres in the Netherlands. Event organisers value Maastricht for an intimacy which is often lacking in larger meeting places like Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.
As a one-stop shop, not only is MECC Maastricht a versatile exhibition & congress centre with stunning facilities, but we offer immaculate ancillary services as well.