Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations are always accompanied by PowerPoint presentations. The speakers are entirely responsible for the presentation content (order, graphics etc…). Once on-site at the conference, every speaker should verify that the name of the room and the time of the session have not changed within the final program.

  • Your presentation shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes for 3-paper sessions and 15 min is reserved for discussion (in total 30 min)
  • Make sure your presentation and the slide material is suitable for the time you have been allocated. Be prepared to handle a plus or minus 5 minutes variation.
  • The smallest type should be visible from the back of the auditorium. Keep the layout simple with plenty of space.
  • Use the “7/7 rule”: about 7 words per line and 7 lines of text for a text only slide.
  • Slides should illustrate major ideas - they are not your script.
  • Keep illustrations simple and easily understood.
  • No commercial messages are allowed.
  • If you do not have a preferred template a yellow text on a blue background is usually effective.
  • Reds, greens and blues in combination do not work for people afflicted with common forms of colour blindness.
  • Slides that look effective on a small screen often look very different when projected at large scale.
  • Presentation styles vary. Some people can talk for 10 minutes on one slide. Others can get through 15 slides in the very same time. Knowing your own style will help you decide on the number of slides.
  • Remember to speak directly into the microphone at a suitable speed for everybody. You will find a laser pointer on the lectern to help you pointing out your slides if necessary.
  • Know how to use PowerPoint, e.g.:
  • While in presentation mode, any slide can be brought-up by typing the slide number followed by “enter”. With this feature you can alter the order of slides on the day without changing the file (as long as you know your slide numbers!).

Speakers should normally be in their assigned meeting room 10 minutes before the beginning of the session so as to meet with the Chairperson and other presenters and receive instructions.

For your Presentation

All presentations and questions must be delivered in English, as English is the official language of the conference.

To avoid delays caused by switching computers at the platform, booting-up computers and potential compatibility problems, the conference organizers has made available to speakers the standard A/V system. There will be a master computer in each meeting room and to ensure smooth transition between speakers and appropriate audio visual technical support, the organisers request that speakers do not plan on connecting their laptop to the conference centre projector, nor to bring their own projectors. All presentations should be handed over in the Slide Preview Room on a USB stick.

Format of your Presentation

Please note that only presentations for Windows computers and Windows compatible are to be used (to avoid problems of compatibility between PC’s and MAC, please use fonts common to both PC’s and MAC). UNIX format is not allowed.

Please take into account the widescreen (16:9) format of the screens in the venue.

Please prepare your presentation using the latest possible version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • any picture must be saved in the following format: .jpg, or .gif.
  • If any video files are attached to your PowerPoint presentation, please do not forget to attach the video file to the presentation source folder.

When saving your final presentation to the USB stick, do not forget to include all video files and any related links (if applicable).

Depositing your File

Your presentation must be handed over to the personnel on a USB stick in the Slide Preview Room (room 2.12 - 1st floor), as far in advance as possible and two hours BEFORE the beginning of each of your dedicated sessions AT THE LATEST. Any presentations for an early morning session should be handed over the evening before.

Technicians will be available to help you with uploading your presentation into the onsite presentation system and with any modifications needed.

All presentations will be automatically transferred from the Slide Preview Room into the meeting room accordingly.

Opening hours of the Slide Preview Room are:

  • Tuesday, 27 September, 13:00 – 18:00
  • Wednesday, 28 September, 08:00 – 18:30
  • Thursday, 29 September, 08:30 – 18:00
  • Friday, 30 September, 08:30 – 16:00

In the Meeting Room

Once you arrive into the meeting room your presentation will already be uploaded on the presentation screen.

You will be assisted by a hostess, who will show you how to operate your presentation, remote control etc.

Please, do NOT come at the last minute with your own computer you will NOT BE ABLE to connect it. All presentations must be downloaded beforehand in the Slide Preview Room.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat via e-mail abstracts@ees2016.org or at: +420 241 174 312.