How to get there

MECC Maastricht

Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel: +31 43 383 8383
GPS 50° 1' 56.95" N 15° 46' 52.1" E

Taxi / Direct Shuttlebus

Do you wish to organise a transfer to arrange for a smooth arrival in Maastricht.  You can book your taxi from several airports and train station to/from Maastricht or the direct shuttlebus from Brussels Airport.

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For more information and service:
Jacobs Travel
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Getting around Maastricht

By train

Trains run four times per hour between Maastricht Centraal Station, and Maastricht Randwyck (Randwijck) station - the venue location, at a cost of €2.20.

By bus

The city has a bus system called the Stadsbus ("City Bus") that travels over most of the city and to surrounding areas. Tickets can be bought on the bus, or you can buy an 'OV chip card'. It is a magnetic card which you can recharge with chosen amount of money (minimum € 5). This card costs € 7.50 and can be bought at the train station, also at the vending machine at the station or in the Veolia Transport service point (Veolia is Maastricht's bus transport company).
When you enter the bus, you have to put the card close to the yellow card reader which will 'log you in' at the beginning stop. When you go out from the bus, you have to do it again to 'check out'. The amount of money for the trip will be taken from your card. It is much cheaper than buying a ticket from the bus driver. 'Strippenkaart' is no longer valid in Maastricht.

Trains in Maastricht

Maastricht has three railway stations: North, Central and Randwyck.

  • Maastricht North opened in November 2013 and it offers excellent Park & Ride possibilities: there are 360 parking spots available. You can reach Maastricht Central from North in just six minutes.
  • Maastricht Central is just a few minutes away from the city centre by foot.
  • Railway station Randwyck is located within 250 m. of the convention centre MECC Maastricht.

Maastricht is also easily accessible by international train by Thalys and/or Eurostar from Brussels, Paris or London via Liège station.

From Maastricht Airport

Regular buses go from Maastricht airport to Maastricht City. For more information follow this link.
A taxi ride to Maastricht from the airport are for around 25€. There is a possibility to make a taxi reservation on this webpage.

From Amsterdam

By train

There is a direct train from Amsterdam Central to Maastricht every thirty minutes. The journey will not take more than two and a half hours. This train stops at the Maastricht Central station. You can change there to get to the Randwyck station which is the closest train station to the conference venue. More information on the connections is available here.
Price of this ticket should not get higher than 30€.

From Brussels

By train

Maastricht is also easily accessible by international train by Thalys and/or Eurostar from Brussels, Paris or London via Liège station.
Regular train from Brussels reaches Maastricht every hour. Although you have to change trains once (at Liège) the train duration will not exceed 2 hours and the price should not be higher than 20€. For more information on the trains from Brussels please check the website of the Thalys, Eurostar, TGV and ICE trains.

By bus

There are some bus companies that connect the capital of Belgium and Maastricht. The journey takes a little more than 2 hours and shouldn´t cost more than 10€.
You can look up your best connections via google (type „Brussels to Maastricht bus“).
For example:

  • Flixbus
  • Costs 7€, takes 2:15 hours (departs from Brussels-North Station)
  • From Monday to Saturday there are two regular scheduled buses that leave at 11:55 and 20:55. On Sundays there is only one bus leaving at 20:55
  • Website

From Düsseldorf, Köln or Aachen

Maastricht has very accessible transport with surrounding German cities. You can find your best connection here.
Be careful as this site combines train and bus journeys.

Alternative ways of travel

In case there is a larger group of people arriving there is a possibility to get a shuttle bus. We can recommend Jacobs Travel which has various options to choose from based on the number of passengers or different classes of buses.
We kindly advise you to plan your journey beforehand as the company might be very busy. Follow this link for more information.

Other means of transport are also available in this region such as taxi, bicycles and other.